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Your Guide to Moving

6 to 8 weeks before moving:

  • Call us for a quotation
  • Start packing now, unless you are using our packing service
  • Change of address forms from the post office to forward your mail
  • Contact insurance companies to advise of move
  • Do you want to take everything ? a visit to the charity shop or dump may be required

1 month before:

  •  Have you finalised the moving date ? let us know asap
  • Contact of address:
    - school
    - friends,
    - family,
    - bank,
    - doctor
    - insurance company
    - credit card
  • Take things out of the attic, garage, shed and garden ready for move
  • Is storage needed
  • Have you got all the packing material you need
  • Let your landlord know if renting
  • Contact telephone company
  • Is sky/cable required in your new home, arrange installation
  • Notify utiliy companies
  • Are you moving far away, arrange hotels/travel

1 to 2 weeks before move:

  • Control your excitement, its not long now!
  • Keep all of your ‘important’ documents in one place
  • Packing, if you are doing this yourself it should be labelled and ready to go. Do not overfill the boxes with heavy items
  • Dispose of flammable items such as paint/petrol/oil
  • What goes in the car
    - toys
    - breakable items
    - important documents
    - food kit and drinks
    - change of clothes and toiletries
  • Arrange for pets to be cared for
  • Have you advised us of valuable items in transit?
  • Cancel the paper/milk/window cleaner
  • If you are moving out of a block with a lift, check with the managing agents that the lifts will be working

1 or 2 days before move:

  • Really excited now, but there are still things to do
  • Empty and defrost your fridge/freezer
  • Ensure jars and bottles are secure
  • Clean the cooker
  • Take down the curtains
  • Ensure there is space for the removals vehicle
  • Arrange where you pick up the new keys
  • walk around the house to ensure you have taken everything

Moving day

  • Hope you had a good nights sleep, box this separately so it can be used on your first night
  • Strip the beds
  • The team leader will introduce themselves to you, he will be your ‘go to’ person
  • Ensure the team leader has the full address of your new home
  • Disconnect appliances
  • Takle a note of utility readings
  • Close all windows and doors
  • You are on your way
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Humpit's Moving Guide

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